Croí Anú Creative Centre

The vision at Croí Anú is to provide a safe nurturing space where creativity is the key to expression and all aspects of development.

At the moment there are on going Yoga clesses with Daisy and Michelle.  Sound Baths each month and individual Sound Healing sessions too.  We welcome Philippa Donnelan with dance/movement exploration in September 22.  “Next Stage”  stage school also returns in September as well as children’s Art clesses with Emma.  If there is a story you want to want to tell The Hedge school run by John MacKenna and Angela Keogh will be back in October to support and develop the creative writing process.  We hope to launch the “Yellow Stool” gigs in the coming months.  A vibrant lively space.

We witness the capacity of the artistic process to heal and transform, it is a privilege. Croí Anú is a container of peace, love and connection.  We are grateful to all who come this way and share their journey with each other.