Croí Anú Creative Centre

The vision at Croí Anú is to provide a safe nurturing space where creativity is the key to expression and all aspects of development.

For 2019 we are adding Circle Dancing to our activities.  We will be also adding “Sound Bath”  for mothers and babies/toddlers, a deeply relaxing and restorative experience for all. We hope to run the “RIghts in your Hands” programme again and are delighted that this has been documented in a respource book so that others can avail of the template.  The MIchael Chekhov technique of acting is also core to the work here.  It encourages a feeling of ease in our work, in our lives and honours the imagination which keeps us open to greater possibility..

We have the privilege of witnessing the capacity of the artistic process to heal and transform.. Croí Anú is a place of peace. We are grateful to all who come this way and share their journey with each other.