What We Do

A range of creative/well-being activities for individuals and groups. This has evolved and changed over the years and is always changing. If you have an idea, we are open to suggestions, let us know and it may be possible in the future.
At the moment we have:

Healing:  Sound Healing individual sessions with Mary Pat Moloney.  Sound Baths for groups including large Gong

Music:     Hult Guitar Academy

Beginner Ukulele Classes/ Mary Pat Moloney

Resident Band: 4 Strings and the Truth

Theatre: Next Stage stage school

Random Things Productions rehearsal space

Dance:   Philippa Donnelon

Art:        Classes for children Emma Murphy

Yoga:     Simply Yoga Ireland, Yoga with Daisy, Paul Whelan Yoga Training

One day/weekend Workshops for adults

These workshops offer a range of activities that seek to explore the creative essence. This might be through movement, drama, music, meditation and many other activities. While processes/techniques vary they work towards bringing about awareness of potential and the opportunity to expand into that potential. Facilitators are experienced and highly skillful in their specialised areas. The setting offers a relaxed atmosphere that participants regularly comment on finding peaceful and uplifting.

Training/Staff development for staff groups

While these days are adapted to the needs of the group they always have creativity at the core.

These range from team building, goal setting, coping with change in changing times and creative evaluation. These workshops are growing in popularity at this time of possibility and change.  They assist in finding new ways forward for groups where other methods have fallen short.  Links are made from the creative work to the workplace so that insights, understanding and agreements go back to the workplace.  Staff days are facilitated by the centre director Mary Pat Moloney, other skills can be added where it is helpful.


Creative Mentoring

These are one to one sessions which provide the opportunity to bring about a greater awareness.  Creativity is the tool in different forms that helps allow us to be in the moment, let go of old patterns that no longer serve us. It might be paint, clay, movement, music or sound as as used as the assisting tool.  The mentor works using a deep listening to discern what form will be of most benefit, given the needs of a particular individual in a specific moment.  The sessions can help identify the what client would like to change and to create a path through this change.  These sessions are also a wonderful way to unlock creative block and free up expression and exploration.  This process can be fun, challenging and can for many it is a wonderful way of accessing what is essential.

Past Collaborations include

Most recently in 2017 Creative Ireland funding allowed a second “Rights in Your Hands” course.

We are open to collaborating with other agencies.  Also in 2017 we collaborated with KARE to do a piece of work with some of their more mature service users, exploring the core aspects of the UN Declaration of Human Rights through artistic processes. We used community arts processes and group art creating and making.  With the permission of the group the “Rights in your Hands “manual is now a resource for all.

Community Education Service (CES) & Kildare LEADER Partnership (KLP)  worked with Croi Anu to train a Panal of Community Arts Facilitators to work with Community Groups in Co. Kildare. The training “Community Art Practice” ran for 17 weeks.  This brought energised, highly skilled facilitators back into the community.  Due to the innovation of the funders this course brought 108 hours of Community Arts work around the county as payment for the course was by giving voluntary (skilled) hours to the community.  This training expanded with a follow on module in Community Arts Context.

BTEI worked collaboratively with Croi Anu from 2008-2010 funding modules in the following subjects.  Fetac level 3 Personal/interpersonal skills, Art and design.  Level 4 Organic food and Personal Effectiveness.  Level 5, Combined Materials and Community Arts Practice. Introduction to Art and Design Level 3 and Personal and Interpersonal Skills Level 3.

Croí Anú is grateful to Kildare County Council through the Arts service for providing funding for the “Herstory”. More recently this title has become a movement throughout the country to honour women whose stories have been untold but are not being illuminated. project in 2008 and 2009. “Herstory” was a project in which a group of women worked collectively to express a communion of her story, the work culminated in an interactive exhibit.  “Herstory- The Voice” was completed in April 2010, A is a passionate group of women exploring individually and collectively their authentic voice displayed their work through improvisation.