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Sound Bath

Sound Bath with Mary Pat

A Sound Bath is an immersion in beautiful sound of both instruments and voice. The experience is deeply relaxing and restorative We lie on the floor and allow the sound to wash over our bodies. Our bath is likely to include large gong shamanic drum, crystal bowls, sansula, chimes and voice. It will be what is called for on the night.

Please bring a yoga mat and blanket.

This is beneficial to all. It can be particularly helpful for:

  • Stress,
  • Anxiety,
  • High blood preasure
  • To improve sleep
  • Restoring Balance to the whole system

€15 To book a place call 087 8381933


Mother and Baby Sound Bath

A dedicated sound Bath for Mothers and Babies.  This Bath is for Babies up to a year old.  It will a gentle Bath that will help bring balance to both mother and baby.

Gentle Instruments

Social Space:  Mothers are invited to stay for tea/coffee and a chat with other mothers.

We hope to have these Sound Baths on a monthly basis.

Date:  To be Confirmed      Cost €15

Mother and Toddler Sound Bath

A dedicated sound Bath for Mothers and Toddlers. Toddlers from a year to 3 years. It will a gentle Bath that will help bring balance to both mother and toddler.  Child led and a more active experience of a sound bath.   Instruments are as above.

Social Space: Mothers are invited to stay for tea and coffee and a chat with other mothers.   We hope to have these Sound Baths on a monthly basis.

Date: To be confirmed         Cost: €15


Filling the Well: Sound and Circle Dance with Mary Pat

A time to give back to yourself.  A time to restore and balance your system through sound/dance as healer/medicine. When the group have settled in to Croi Anu, we will  begin by participating in a  sound heart meditation.  This will prepare us for the Sound Bath that follows as we will be more open to receive the sounds of healing instruments.  The healing sound dissolves blocks and allows our whole system to become more energised.

This channels healing to our system through sound and in doing so allows that which no longer serves us to dissolve or transform.  The final part of our morning together is circle dance.  This movement allows each participant to connect (Both within and without) through dance.  A truly restorative experience.  All of this is on a relaxed nurturing atmosphere.

  • Sound Heart Meditation
  • Sound Bath
  • Circle Dance

Cost:      EUR 60.

Booking: (087) 8381933


Mary Pat is a certified sound healer, the space she creates has been described as “beyond blissful” See more on our sound healing page.  She danced her way around Bolivia and Peru and now looks forward to sharing this beautiful movement with others.


Friends Group Sound Bath

It is a lovely experience to share with friends and you are welcome to stay in the atmosphere of Croi Anu after your Sound Bath with light refreshments.  So if you want to enquire about this possibility call 0878381933 or email



Rights in Your Hands

Exploring Human Rights through Art

The devising and running this course has been a labour of love.  It is possible to run it now  for any interested group in Croi Anu.  It was developed here collaborating with KARE and funded by Community Foundation of Ireland.  A second course was funded by Creative Ireland.  It would be wonderful to bring this experience to many other groups.

“Rights in our Hands” is about taking a fresh look at the Un Declaration of Human Rights.  It removes the potential barriers of literacy, complex language, the idea of “them and us”; to allow everyone to explore, express and discuss their human rights through creative methods.

In learning to acknowledge these rights as belonging to all, we can embrace and cherish them.  Without that, we run the risk of not recognising if they are denied to us and indeed, denied to others.

The course is designed in eight session and so far has been run over 8 mornings.  It could be adapted to meet the needs of any interested group.  We are open to discussing this possability with groups organisations.

We have also a resource pack for anyone who would like to bring the course to their organisation/group.  The links below enable you to download the pack in three parts free of charge.  If used we would be grateful if you could credit the work.

Download your own copy of the booklet with this PDF

Rights in Your Hands Folder Rights in Your Hands final draft Rights in Your Hands Posters



Velvet Revolution of Light

with Jane Donald and Mary Pat Moloney

‘Velvet Revolution of Light’ is a NEW Sound Healing composition and collaboration between Jane Donald and Mary Pat Moloney. Composed by Jane Donald and using Mary Pat Moloney’s vocal skills and Sound Healing background. This Sound Healing-Musical Messages for Energy Medicine piece has been inspired by a call to the New Earth. Many people are looking for a vision of a better way of living in harmony with the Universe and all living beings. It can difficult for us as people to see past the current reality and step into a more high vibrational way of being and living. This piece is  composed and designed to invite a new way for people to feel and experience their life force and allow better more enhanced experiences at a soul and practical level. The musical notes create the ease and key to allow the entry of the new high vibrational awareness. The stepping through a doorway into a new reality of their inherent and innate alignment with all that is.

Jane Donald is a Healing practitioner for 20 years. She is a Total Body Modification (TBM), Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) and Reiki Master. She allows the Shamanic practices of light and nature in her work. She is the author and photographer of 3 books ‘Sacred Messages from Sacred Ireland’ Vol 1 & 2 and ‘Heart & Light Berlin’.  These books can be used as Light work or healing tools similar to a deck of healing cards. She has also lead healing group tours and taught workshops in Ireland, UK, USA, Canada, Peru, Bolvia and Turkey.  She lives  in the countryside in Ireland. She helps people who ask her for help in ways to allow light into their lives through individual appointments and group workshops in person and online. She has recently composed ‘Velvet Revolution of Light’; a Sound Healing project with Mary Pat Moloney’s vocal skills and sound healing background.

Contact at 086 8259510 or

Mary Pat Moloney practices as a Sound Healing therapist  her sound healing work is firmly rooted in the most powerful instrument of all, the human voice.  She trained with the college of Sound Healing UK to develop and drop more deeply into her intuitive connection with sound as an energy/vibrational medicine.  She sees clients for one to one Sound Healing sessions and she also runs Sound Baths involving many more instruments. Mary Pat also works as an actor and an arts facilitator.  In all aspects of her work she places immense value the process.  This collaboration with Jane Donald is a privilege, the trust in the process and allowing each step in its own time has been and is a gift.

Contact 087 8381933 or

Cd now available for purchase for €10.  Postage cost added for cd.  To purchase contact Jane, Mary Pat or



People Wipe Me

A One Woman Show by Derbhile Graham

Fri 5th August 8pm   Tickets €10 on the door

People Wipe Me is a one-woman show that tells the story of Derbhile Graham, a contrary woman with wonky eyes. Derbhile believes the apocalypse will come in the form of vegetable soup and that Irish people take far too long to say goodbye. She’s not afraid to swim against the tide and she encourages her audience to swim with her, as she takes them on a 60-minute tour through classrooms, silent hairdressing salons and golf clubs. An important question beats at the heart of Derbhile’s show: do we pay the price for being ourselves?

Derbhile Graham is an author and spoken word artist who lives by the sea in Tramore with her husband and dog. She published a novel, The Pink Cage, in 2011 (Book Republic) and she has performed spoken word pieces at events in Waterford and Dublin, including Spokes WORDS, Modwords and Tra Tales. In 2018, she was part of an all-female spoken word and comedy event called Witty Women, staged as part of Waterford’s Imagine Arts Festival. Following the success of that performance, Derbhile was invited to perform at the Women of Wit events in Bewley’s Theatre and the Dolmen Theatre, Dublin, organised by comedian Yvonne O’Reilly.