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Sound Bath

Sound Bath with Mary Pat

A Sound Bath is an immersion in beautiful sound of both instruments and voice. The experience is deeply relaxing and restorative We lie on the floor and allow the sound to wash over our bodies. Our bath is likely to include large gong shamanic drum, crystal bowls, sansula, chimes and voice. It will be what is called for on the night.

Please bring a yoga mat and blanket.

This is beneficial to all. It can be particularly helpful for:

  • Stress,
  • Anxiety,
  • High blood preasure
  • To improve sleep
  • Restoring Balance to the whole system

€15 To book a place call 087 8381933


Mother and Baby Sound Bath

A dedicated sound Bath for Mothers and Babies.  This Bath is for Babies up to a year old.  It will a gentle Bath that will help bring balance to both mother and baby.

Gentle Instruments

Social Space:  Mothers are invited to stay for tea/coffee and a chat with other mothers.

We hope to have these Sound Baths on a monthly basis.

Date:  To be Confirmed      Cost €15

Mother and Toddler Sound Bath

A dedicated sound Bath for Mothers and Toddlers. Toddlers from a year to 3 years. It will a gentle Bath that will help bring balance to both mother and toddler.  Child led and a more active experience of a sound bath.   Instruments are as above.

Social Space: Mothers are invited to stay for tea and coffee and a chat with other mothers.   We hope to have these Sound Baths on a monthly basis.

Date: To be confirmed         Cost: €15


Filling the Well: Sound and Circle Dance with Mary Pat

A time to give back to yourself.  A time to restore and balance your system through sound/dance as healer/medicine. When the group have settled in to Croi Anu, we will  begin by participating in a  sound heart meditation.  This will prepare us for the Sound Bath that follows as we will be more open to receive the sounds of healing instruments.  The healing sound dissolves blocks and allows our whole system to become more energised.

This channels healing to our system through sound and in doing so allows that which no longer serves us to dissolve or transform.  The final part of our morning together is circle dance.  This movement allows each participant to connect (Both within and without) through dance.  A truly restorative experience.  All of this is on a relaxed nurturing atmosphere.

  • Sound Heart Meditation
  • Sound Bath
  • Circle Dance

Cost:      EUR 60.

Booking: (087) 8381933


Mary Pat is a certified sound healer, the space she creates has been described as “beyond blissful” See more on our sound healing page.  She danced her way around Bolivia and Peru and now looks forward to sharing this beautiful movement with others.


Friends Group Sound Bath

It is a lovely experience to share with friends and you are welcome to stay in the atmosphere of Croi Anu after your Sound Bath with light refreshments.  So if you want to enquire about this possibility call 0878381933 or email



Rights in Your Hands

Exploring Human Rights through Art

The devising and running this course has been a labour of love.  It is possible to run it now  for any interested group in Croi Anu.  It was developed here collaborating with KARE and funded by Community Foundation of Ireland.  A second course was funded by Creative Ireland.  It would be wonderful to bring this experience to many other groups.

“Rights in our Hands” is about taking a fresh look at the Un Declaration of Human Rights.  It removes the potential barriers of literacy, complex language, the idea of “them and us”; to allow everyone to explore, express and discuss their human rights through creative methods.

In learning to acknowledge these rights as belonging to all, we can embrace and cherish them.  Without that, we run the risk of not recognising if they are denied to us and indeed, denied to others.

The course is designed in eight session and so far has been run over 8 mornings.  It could be adapted to meet the needs of any interested group.  We are open to discussing this possability with groups organisations.

We have also a resource pack for anyone who would like to bring the course to their organisation/group.  The links below enable you to download the pack in three parts free of charge.  If used we would be grateful if you could credit the work.

Download your own copy of the booklet with this PDF

Rights in Your Hands Folder Rights in Your Hands final draft Rights in Your Hands Posters



Hedge School on the Moone

with Angela Keogh and John MacKenna

The Hedge School on the Moone is writing programme like no other.

Established at the Croi Anu Centre in Moone in 2017 by novelist and playwright Angela Keogh and novelist, playwright and memoirist John MacKenna, it offers writers, at all stages of their careers, an opportunity to work on the projects that interest them, with the encouragement of the tutors and the support of like-minded people.

The 2022/23 workshops will take place on ten Saturdays between October and May, at Croi Anu – a wonderful space run by Mary Pat Moloney for the promotion of the arts and, coincidentally, just across the road from the site of a Hedge School that operated in Moone in the nineteenth century.

Over the past five years a number of the students at the Hedge School have had books published, plays produced and work broadcast on RTE.

The maximum intake of students in any one year is twenty-two.

We focus on the work the participants wish to do. We encourage people to work to the targets they set themselves – that might be to complete some short stories; finish a collection of poems; write a memoir or develop a play or a novel – the work is the important thing, as are the writers.’

The Hedge school caters for those beginning the writing journey and those who are further along the writing road but the emphasis is on collaboration, comradeship and encouragement.

Given that the Hedge School is set in south Kildare, some of the work is drawn from the landscape and the workshops often move out into the surrounding countryside

This year’s Hedge School begins on Saturday October 15. 

Full details are available from




Yellow Stool Gigs

Small Intimate Music gigs

If you are an musician, performing artists who would be interested in exploring being part of the Yellow Stool Calander please contact 0878381933 Thank you.