Sound Healing

What is Sound Healing?

Sound Healing is the use of Sound to bring the body back into balance.  The process is deeply relaxing and can be of benefit to both the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the client.  We all have our own state of harmony and the activity of our lives can pull us out of this to disharmony or dis-ease, this can manifest in illness or we may simply feel “off colour”, not quite ourselves.  Sound Healing is a safe, non-invasive way to come back into balance and a state of well-being..  It is an ancient practice remerging in new forms, this primal connection allows deep, deep healing.

Sound Healing can happen through the voice or musical instruments.  Mary Pat primarily uses the voice but occasionally brings in an instrument.  This healing can be in groups in a workshop format or one to one treatments where the client is lying on a plinth..

What to expect at a treatment.

The client lies on a plinth fully clothed while the healer makes sounds.  A session is generally between 45minutes and an hour in length.  Some people feel a deep sense of relaxation. others see colours.  Sometimes people get sensations which may intensify for a few minutes before disappearing.  The experience is unique to everyone.

The client is encouraged to drink plenty of water after a session to allow the body to release toxins.  There is an adjustment period after a sound healing treatment.  Your body will be healing itself and you may feel aches and pains as the body integrate the healing you receive.

The Therapist

Mary Pat Moloney trained and is certified with the college of Sound Healing UK.. It was through the exploration of the voice and being told that her voice heals that she started to work with and explore sound.  To Mary Pat this work is as natural as the breath and as life itself.

When can I make an appointment and what does it cost?

Mary Pat sees clients in Croi Anu on Thursdays.  If Thursday does not work for you she will make an alternative arrangement.  The treatment is currently EUR55.


Sound Healing with Mary Pat was a truly beautiful experience.  It was nurturing, highly grounding and blissful, even beyond blissful.  I also felt a deep connection to the esrth in a way I had never felt before.  For me Sound Healing is a beautiful and gentle way to do my work, the process supports and nourishes you with whatever comes up.  Thank you Mary Pat for your gift.”  Sharon Fidgeon